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That long Hiatus!

2013-12-16 13:44:23 by ShadowBowserTrx

Yes, I'm back! I have so many remixes done and saved on my PC, some of them even being from my internal (now external) harddrive from my old broken Laptop. All these MP3 files are already collecting digital dust, lol.

If you want me to put a certain song here that isn't downloadable anymore on my main youtube or MegaManChannel account you can request it right here under the comment section. If I still have the file I'll upload it here.

That's all for now.

Tell me the next music rmx, arrangment,.. I should upload to newgrounds. After my TOS - Full Force rmx in 2008 I uploaded nothing, but a slighty better version of full force. I did so many rmxes of Mario, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Tales of..., Donkey Kong, Megaman, Zelda, Sonic, Super Smash Bros, etc. in the meantime that still is kept in secret on my Pc. Just tell me what you want me to upload next. You can also ask about a specific track, I may have already done it/ do it..or a track I previously uploaded and you want to hear a remastered, changed, improved, different version of this track.

A list created if ever a rmx of mine is on the frontpage.

2008-03-29 18:15:26 by ShadowBowserTrx

Name of the song:_________Was in the Newgrounds"charts":__________Place:

SMRPG-forest maze(boss remix) From: March 29th 2008 To: April 3th 2008 30.